“The Leader of Precast Pre-Stressed Concrete Floors Manufacturing”

Prestressed Floor Planks

This product is suitable for general building works enabling construction to be completed rapidly while saving more costs than a cast-in-place floor. It is strong, durable, and safe while its floorboard is flat and even without plastering.

Corrugated Planks

This product gives you a new dimension of construction work helping to save costs and time because skid is not required. It is manufactured by considering on quality, standards, and delicacy accumulated from our experience.

Prestressed Concrete Piles I -12, I-15

This product is a kind of pile with the sizes of I-12 and I-15. It is strong and durable meeting with manufacturing standards for replacing hexagon piles in general construction of small foundation structures.

Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete

You can make every imagination to come true by using GRC that can respond to all demands of designers who have unlimited ideas and imaginations.

Noise Barrier

This product is made of Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) with its surface that can be designed upon demands plus with its attractiveness, strength without any crack and durability against all kinds of weather plus with non-conductive property.

Precast Concrete Wall

This product helps to accelerate construction with its quality and standard that can replace traditional construction system of bricklaying and plastering.

Precast Concrete Columns and Beams

This precast concrete structure is designed to meet with demands of buyers and practical utilization with stability, strength, and convenience for installation.

Fast Fence

Produced by using aerated ceramic beads as an ingredient in concrete. make it lightweight with strength and soundproofing and heat-insulating properties better than masonry walls.