About Us


PCM Construction Materials Company Limited

     PCM Construction Materials Company Limited was established in June 1984, formerly named as PCM Precast Floors Company limited, with the registered capital of 3 million baht that is currently added as 97 million baht currently consisted of 400 employees approximately, for operating the business on manufacturing and distributing precast floors that meet with standards and requirements of Thai Industrial Standards Institute, Ministry of Industry.  

    The objectives of our company’s establishment are originated from our idea to save labor costs of construction business and to control quality of construction materials. Consequently, precast pre-stressed floors have been manufactured for supporting safe weight as defined by engineers as well as to reduce the quantity of wood used as the structure for filling concrete in the traditional construction system. Currently, construction system with precast pre-stressed concrete floors has been considered as the standard for designing the structure of residences and buildings for over 30 years. Our company has been manufacturing around 30 million square meters of precast floors used in residences and buildings calculated to be over 300,000 houses. 

     It can be deemed that PCM Construction Materials Company Limited has been trusted by many architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and project owners who have been supporting us and using our PCM precast pre-stressed floors extensively up till now.

    We have been continuing our invention and development to manufacture quality products for responding to demands of pre-stressed concrete products including corrugated planks, pre-stressed concrete piles with I-12 and I-15 sizes, Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC), precast concrete wall, noise barrier, hollow core slab, and pre-stressed concrete planks, with over 30 years of our realiable experience on quality and services.

Our Factory

Our company is consisted of 3 factories as follows:

PCM Factory

With the area of 54 rai

NP1 Factory

With the area of 87 rai

GRC Factory

With the area of 5.5 rai