Throughout 40 years of development

PCM Construction Material Company Limited was established. In July 1984 (initially using the name PCM Precast Floor Company Limited) with a registered capital of 3 million baht by producing, distributing, and delivering pre-stressed concrete slabs. (with standards according to the requirements of the Office of Industrial Standards, Ministry of Industry) for real estate developers and people who are interested in general until it is widely popular.

PCM Construction Material Company Limited has a growth rate. Has continued to develop and has increased the registered capital to 97 million baht, with the production capacity increased from 18,800 square meters per year to 3,600,000 square meters per year. This is considered to be the largest pre-stressed concrete slab production capacity in the country. Until being recognized by customers generally that PCM Construction Material Company Limited is a leader in the production of all types of precast concrete.

From the beginning to the present, 40 years in creating prosperity for society

PCM Construction Material Company Limited is a leader in the research, development and production of prestressed concrete construction materials. especially precast concrete slabs with the highest production capacity in the country It can support the growth of construction business sectors of all sizes and is widely trusted by various government and private agencies.

From the beginning


Established an organization To produce and sell pre-stressed concrete slabs that meet the first standards in Thailand The first factory was built at Khlong Si, Lat Sawai Subdistrict, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province, with an area of ​​4 rai.


Increase the production capacity By constructing the second factory for prefabricated concrete slabs with an area of ​​54 rai, at Khlong 8, Lam Luk Ka Subdistrict, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province. (Current address)


Expand the factory, add new products. By building a factory to produce hollow prestressed concrete slabs (HOLLOW CORE), which makes PCM Construction Materials Co., Ltd. a manufacturer of pre-stressed concrete slabs. The most complete and comprehensive for all types of building construction. using machines from Roth-Technik from Germany.


Invest in the purchase of machinery and construction of a PAVING BLOCK factory in the area close to the prestressed concrete slab factory. To increase the choice for customers to use high-quality paving blocks for both public and private applications.

Construction of a factory to produce glass fibre reinforced concrete (GLASS FIBER REINFORCED CONCRETE) in the same area as the paving block factory. this type of product uses exquisite and beautiful used to decorate the building houses and can be made into a variety of pieces according to the requirements of the designer.


Manufacture of prestressed concrete pile sizes I-12, I-15 with standard quality to replace hollow hexagonal piles in the general market.


Expansion of the factory, increasing the production capacity of prestressed concrete slabs at the new factory. Which is slightly away from the original factory, making PCM Construction Material Co., Ltd. has the highest production capacity in Thailand.


Increase the production capacity of precast concrete walls (PRECAST CONCRETE WALL) for use with high-rise buildings.


Increased production of PRECAST SLAB (PC Plank) as a bridge base product.


Increase the production capacity of precast concrete wall panels (PRECAST CONCRETE WALL) for prefabricated houses.


Add finished fence products


Expanding the factory to add products, columns, beams, suitable for the construction of townhouses that require clarity in quality and save time. It also supports the work of plastering effectively.


Produce precast concrete fence (FAST FENCE) with Extruder system and use lightweight materials imported from China.


Expand the GRC2 plant, increase production capacity to support the increasing demands of customers


Started expanding the PRECAST CONCRETE system for the construction of single houses and townhouses by cooperating with Siam City Cement Public Company Limited in the name of “INSEE Ready” is a franchise business (FRANCHISE) producing precast concrete walls, which PCM Company Construction Materials Co., Ltd. is responsible for engineering, design, production training, installation work, including building a factory and building a production platform. To serve customers across the country