Noise Barrier

General Features

The size of noise Barrier is 1.980 meter wide and 1.00 meter high with the thickness of 15 centimeters and total weight is 122 kg. per piece for reflective type and 135 kg. per piece for noise absorptive type).   

Sound Transmission Loss

(The general criteria are that noise must be lost by 25 dB minimally after transmitting through wall.)
Sound Transmission Loss: TL 34 dB (Reflective type)
Sound Transmission Loss: TL 41 dB (Absorptive type)


  • This noise barrier is suitable for industrial manufacturers, machines, and cooling Tower. It can be installed, demolished, and removed easier than other systems.  
  • It can be used as the noise barrier for noises caused by traffic, cars, bridge construction, sky trains, and tunnels. It can be installed easily and it is also designed for supporting wind speed of 200 kilograms/square meter according to the standard of Department of Highways.

Distinctiveness of PCM

  • It is lighter than other materials, for example, the weight of brick is 180 kg./m2 and the weight of air block is 100 kg./m2 while the weight of noise barrier is 61 kg./m2. Consequently, its structure design is stronger.
  • Noise barrier is bale to be installed easily and rapidly.
  • Noise barrier is removable and able to be demolished easier.
  • Noise barrier’s texture can be designed more attractively.
  • Noise barrier has no crack while being non-conductive, strong and durable against various types of weather.