Corrugated Planks

General Features

This corrugated plank is a new product created and developed by the skillful engineers with consideration on quality, standards, and delicacy accumulated from over 20 years of our experience in order to make this product has the ultimate efficiency and excellent properties.  


This corrugated plank is strong and able to support load as demanded by structural engineers and designers therefore it is safe for residents. 
This corrugated plank requires no skid therefore it helps to reduce the problems related to termites if it is installed on the downstairs. Generally, this kind of installation requires skids because they are unable to be removed and this is the cause of termites that will expand to other areas of building or house.   

Cost Saving

This corrugated plank is specially designed to support the weight of corrugated beam with the thickness part of 7 centimeters that are over than general precast planks. Such feature enable corrugated plank to be able to be installed without any skid helping to save money and time spent in construction.

To support more weight or in the event of SPAN with the length over than 3.00 meters, there should be the temporal skids for supporting at the half of the length of each plank. In addition, these skids are also able to be used for adjusting all planks to be even during concrete topping.