Hollow Core Slab

Properties of PCM Hollow Core Slab

  • Manufactured by the modern machines from Germany with Slide Former System of ROTH-TECHNIK
  • Hollow core slab reinforced with standard prestressed steel for using as the structure of general buildings.
  • Light weight compared with other floor structures
  • Automatically strong that can support the weight immediately without any skid.
  • Consisted of the width of 1.2 meter and thickness from 10 centimeters to 25 centimeters approximately.
  • Be able to prevent noise and high temperature due to its hollow feature.
  • Consisted of attractive and even floorboard without any requirement of ceiling.
  • Be able to prevent fire because it is reinforced concrete with sufficient thickness for resisting high temperature and heat for several hours. In the event of any severe fire at any point, it will be occurred with the specific area without damaging any structure of nearby areas.
  • Consisted of large hollow for wiring electric wire, piping, or using as the hole for ventilation. Moreover, with its floorboard structure that is consisted of thin surface for lower and upper parts, it helps to facilitate concrete modification and drilling.

Advantages of PCM Hollow Core Slab

  • Save more construction time without any worry on the skids for concrete topping plus with convenience on installation.
  • Light weight compared with solid slab as well as save the area of structure for supporting beam, piles, foundation, and posts.
  • Stable and strong as well as be able to be connected with other slabs for plane strength and improving capacity on wind resisting for high-rise buildings.
  • No requirement of any skid in construction or concrete topping.
  • Can provide utility space immediately after installing without concrete topping.
  • High and certain quality that can be trusted under the control of engineers.
  • Attractive with certain shapes and even floorboard without any plastering or ceiling.  
  • Reduce the burden of loading solid concrete into the construction site as well as reduce some environmental problems caused by water pollution and noise pollution.